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Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

Hey, there I am Chaudhary Hammad and I am a professional content writer. We are a team of 8 members. We do our research on various topics in the world and then we share it with our viewers. Today, the topic is all about Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

Today, we are going to talk about Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

Are you looking for an AI voice generator to use in your projects to produce speech that sounds human? Although Eleven-Labs is a well-liked solution, is it the greatest one available? Share Tool will examine Eleven-Labs in more detail in this review to determine whether it is worth the buzz.

What is Eleven-Labs?

Using deep learning models, Eleven-Labs is a state-of-the-art free artificial intelligence voice generator that can produce realistic spoken audio in any voice and style. Users may create engaging audio content for news articles, video games, audiobooks, and narrative using this ground-breaking technology.

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

Comparing our text-to-speech skills to traditional recording methods, we save time and money by accurately translating textual content into high-quality audio. After just one minute of audio input, users can create whole new synthetic voices or duplicate existing voices using our cloning approach.

To avoid any possible abuse, Eleven-Labs gives ethical AI development top priority. Our goal is to enable real-time language translation of spoken audio, opening the door for smooth multilingual support across a range of sectors. Come along with us as we transform the audio production process with our cutting-edge platform!

Who should use Eleven-Labs?

A fantastic tool for anyone wishing to produce audio content of the highest Calibre is Eleven-Labs. It is most appropriate, though, for the following use cases:

  • Eleven-Labs AI enables YouTubers and video producers to quickly create realistic voices for narrators, enhancing the overall calibre of their content. You have the option to choose ASMR-specific voices or your own voice to customize your AI voices!
  • Creators of video games: Game makers can use Eleven-Labs’ collection of AI voices created especially for gaming in addition to developing applications. Characters are brought to life by the voices, which are some of the most unique and realistic AI voices I’ve ever heard! This enhances the player’s immersive experience and gives the narrative in games a new depth.
  • Creators: Rich APIs from Eleven-Labs AI are easily integrated into a range of applications. Eleven-Labs’ text-to-speech features enhance the usability and functionality of your projects with human-like voices, whether you’re developing chatbots, virtual assistants, or language translation applications.
  • Businesses and marketers can use Eleven-Labs’ voice cloning and dubbing services to engage their audience while saving time and money. Adding engaging multilingual voiceovers to your training materials, presentations, and advertisements will improve their quality.
  • Producers of audiobooks and podcasters need to draw in listeners. Eleven-Labs provides a wide range of AI voices that can represent different emotions and tones as a result. Eleven-Labs AI provides the answer whether you need a lively voice for podcasts or a soothing voice for bedtime readings.
  • Eleven-Labs is a tool that educators can utilize to improve non-native speakers’ access to instructional content. Moreover, the realistic and varied AI voices enable teachers to breathe life into dry lectures, resulting in more effective and memorable learning.

Pros and Cons of Eleven-Labs:

Here, are the Pros and Cons of Eleven-Labs:

Pros of Eleven-Labs:

  • Humanlike voice quality: The speech sounds incredibly human and natural.
  • Quick voice cloning: Within one to two minutes, clone new voices.
  • Easy to use: Users of all skill levels may easily navigate the user-friendly internet interface.
  • Personalisation: Modify pronunciation, tempo, tone, accents, and more.
  • Multilingual: support for more than 40 dialects and languages.
  • Reasonably priced: More affordable than alternatives of an enterprise calibre.
  • Performance that leads the industry: Compared to rivals, our brand is more reliable and has more accurate voices. Supported by the pioneer in AI safety The Human Drawbacks of ElevenLabs

Cons of Eleven-Labs:

  • There are only more than 40 languages supported. SSML knowledge is required. It takes some time to get the most out of SSML customisation.
  • Not to be used offline: ElevenLabs need an internet connection in order to function.
  • Ceiling for audio quality: At the moment, speech is produced at a bitrate of 192 kbps.
  • Character Limits: The quantity of speech you can produce is limited by both free and paid programmes.

Top features of Eleven-Labs:

For your website or online business, are you thinking about utilizing Eleven-Labs? It’s critical to comprehend Eleven-Labs’ primary features prior to making a choice. This will assist you in deciding if this is the best platform for your requirements.

Text to Speech:

The AI voices from Eleven-Labs are quite lifelike and have an output of 128 kbps. It’s perfect for podcasts and audiobooks because it can generate up to 2,000,000 characters each month or charge for more characters.

The voices are lively, evoking real emotions and dialects. Use the voice tuner located under “Voice Settings” to modify the clarity, style, and stability of your voice.

Speech to Speech:

The speech-to-speech converter from Eleven-Labs goes beyond text-to-speech. This allows you to change the emotion and delivery of a different character’s voice. You can drag and drop an MP3 file to Eleven-Labs AI or record audio directly on the platform. Select your voice and modify your style, clarity, and stability. Available now in MP3 format!

The AI speech to speech converter from Eleven-Lab does a good job of maintaining subtleties and emotional purity. Eleven-Labs is the greatest tool for creating character voices for podcasts, videos, and video games!

Free AI Dubbing & Video Translator:

The free AI dubbing and video translator from Eleven-Labs can translate text into 29 languages in a matter of seconds. This enables the original voice to be preserved while translating audio into a new language.

Free AI Video Translation & Dubbing:

Sounds may be translated in minutes by ElevenLabs AI:

  • Select one of the 29 target languages and the source.
  • Upload files to the platform in MP3, MP4, or other formats. You can enter a URL from Vimeo, TikTok, YouTube, X (Twitter), or upload your own 25MB audio or video clip.
  • Await the audio dubbing for a few seconds.
  • View and save for sharing!

The fact that AI voices sound human is the most amazing. They imitate the original voice in order to enthral listeners. In a matter of seconds, Eleven-Labs can translate training, commercial, TV, movie, and educational media.

Voice Library:

An expanding library of excellent, varied AI voices may be found in Eleven-Labs Voice Library. When it comes to selecting the ideal voice for your project, options abound.

Utilizing Eleven-Labs AI to find the perfect voice is simple. Voices can be categorized by gender, age, and accent using filters for your audiobook, video, blog, or game. You can enter text character awards by uploading your own voices to the Voice Library using Eleven-Lab’s Voice Design tool!

You can use the Voice Library to create whatever kind of voice you choose, from a soothing audiobook narrator to a hilarious video game character.

AI Voice & Text Speech API:

Eleven-Labs AI can translate sounds in minutes:

  • Choose a source and 29 target languages.
  • Upload MP3, MP4, or other files to the platform.
  • Wait a few seconds for audio dubbing.
  • Watch and download to share!
  • Most impressive is that AI voices sound human.

Using Eleven-Labs AI to clone voices is simple:

  • Select between professional or instant voice copying. You can also use the Voice Library or generate random voices.
  • Send your voice samples (instantaneous takes one minute, professional takes thirty minutes).
  • Eleven-Labs will check the quality of your voice.
  • While professional voice copying takes four weeks, quick voice cloning produces audio instantly.
  • The voice clones are incredibly lifelike and have the same tone as the original.

Consistent recording settings are necessary when uploading many voices. If there is no background noise, think about positioning the microphone the same distance away from the speaker. Match the context to maintain consistency in delivery. Record your voice in an audiobook-appropriate way.

An AI voice for movies, audiobooks, podcasts, video games, and chatbots may be rapidly and simply created.

Projects for Generating Audiobooks:

Eleven-Labs simplifies the production, editing, and personalization of long-form spoken audio. An audiobook can be recorded in minutes as opposed to hours in a studio!

Use Eleven-Labs AI to record an audiobook to save time and money:

  • Go to “Projects.”
  • Select “Start a new project.”
  • Choose a project type (.epub,.txt,.pdf, empty, URL, etc).
  • Create sections and chapters for your project.
  • Speakers for headers, paragraphs, and sections can be assigned from a selection of over 90 AI voices in 29 languages (or your own).
  • Resolve audio pauses by manually or instantly renewing them.
  • Your audiobook may be exported in one click! This project can be edited at any moment by saving and coming back.

How to Use Eleven-Labs Text-to-Speech:

Here’s how to use Eleven-Labs Text-to-Speech to create lifelike AI voices:

  •    Create an Account
  •    Select Text to Speech
  •    Choose an AI Voice
  •    Select Your Model
  •    Insert Your Text & Generate
  •    Refine Voice Settings
  •    Download!

1. Create an Account:

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

I went to the Eleven-Labs homepage and chose “Get Started Free” to begin using Eleven-Labs. I then registered using my email address.

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

This led me right away to the Eleven-Labs voice Synthesis tool, where I could use AI to produce realistic voice in a variety of languages. They saved me time; I didn’t have to enter my credit card information; and the procedure was simple and painless.

The interface’s simplicity and ease of use also struck me. Everything was self-explanatory, thus no instruction was necessary.

2. Select Text to Speech:

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

I could choose between Text to Speech and Speech to Speech under the Speech Synthesis menu. Text-to-speech was my choice.

3. Choose an AI Voice:

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

I was then prompted to select my AI voice. I chose to use the voice of Santa Claus because I was writing this close to the holidays, but there are many other options. By choosing “Add voice” in Eleven-Lab’s Voice-Lab, you can also generate your own artificial intelligence voice.

A large selection of AI voices with various accents and tones is available from Eleven-Labs. The color-coded tags facilitate the process of selecting the ideal voice for each kind of project, be it a lighthearted video or a polished presentation.

4. Select Your Model:

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

I didn’t change the voice settings to see how my AI voice would sound. I then chose the model I wanted to use (Eleven Multilingual v2), leaving it at its default setting for optimal quality. For the lowest latency, choose the Eleven Turbo v2 if you plan to use your AI voice in a project like an app.

5. Insert Your Text & Generate:

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

I then added a little snippet from Chat-gpt that I thought Santa may say. You can add text with up to 5,000 characters!

Use Projects instead to generate audio for lengthy texts, such as audiobooks. Projects offers cutting-edge features like numerous speakers and high-quality audio by segmenting the text into shorter chunks.

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

I selected “Generate.” I quickly produced an audio preview of my writing that I could press play on.

Santa’s pronunciation of “Ho, ho, ho!” sounded erratic. But this was simply fixed with a few straightforward punctuation adjustments in the text.

6. Refine Voice Settings:

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

In order to make the voice a little monotonous, I also changed some of the voice parameters by turning up the stability. Although I could have improved the style and clarity, I left them alone.

7. Download!

Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice.

As soon as I was satisfied, I clicked the small download icon on the lower right corner to instantly download the voiceover in MP3 format.

Even with the small adjustments I made to my AI voiceover, Eleven-Labs did a fantastic job creating a natural-sounding, outstanding voice. Eleven Multilingual v2, the default model, produced remarkably clear and natural-sounding speech.

Eleven-Labs is one of the best and most lifelike AI voiceover generators I’ve used, plus it’s reasonably priced.

Eleven-Labs Pricing:

The Eleven-Labs offers many pricing tiers for both individuals and companies. If you want to check out Eleven-Labs’ features without committing, the Free Plan is excellent. Key services are available to users at no cost. This bundle includes 16 voices, 500 speech characters for commercial use, 5 text-to-speech conversions, 2 voice clones, and 2 free voice avatars every month.

At $9.99 a month, the Solo Plan provides three custom voice clones, limitless free voice cloning, 25 voices—including custom ones—5,000 speech characters, and unlimited text-to-speech conversions. It is also available for commercial usage. This plan is popular among freelancers and content creators since it provides volume discounts.

The Team Plan, which costs $49.99 a month, improves services for small teams. In addition to everything included in the Solo membership, this subscription gives 25,000 speech characters per month, 10 customized voice clones, priority assistance, and full analytics and controls. Volume reductions enable growing teams to scale and adjust using Team Plan.

Lastly, large organizations can avail customized Enterprise programmes from Eleven-Labs. A personal account manager, priority support, custom voice avatars, high speech production limits, and data seclusion are all included in these memberships. Pricing for enterprise packages varies based on organisational requirements; speak with ElevenLabs for more information.

Eleven-Labs offers both individual and commercial users flexible and scalable pricing options, ensuring that customers may discover a suitable option as their use demands evolve.


It is clear after completing a thorough Eleven-Labs Review that this AI voice generator is among the greatest solutions out there for producing speech that sounds human. When it comes to creating realistic and natural-sounding voiceovers, Eleven-Labs stands out due to its advanced technology and features. Eleven-Labs is unquestionably something you should take into consideration if you require top-notch voice generation for your projects.

So, that was our article about  Best Site To Generate Your Text Into Voice. I hope you will like it and also leave your comment in the comment section for any of your question.

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