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How To Change The Sky From The Background Of A Photo.

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Today, we are going to talk about How To Change The Sky From The Background Of A Photo.

Table Of Contents:

Table of Contents:
An Overview of Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor
Why Replace Sky in Your Photos?
Getting Started with Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor
Some Tips to Get the Best Results
More Features of Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor


How To Change The Sky From The Background Of A Photo.

Among the most seductive enhancements one can make to a photograph in the realm of digital photography is changing the sky in its background. It may be that you need to replace a gloomy, cloudy sky with an intense sunset or add a starry night to your nighttime captured image; either way, the sun can change it all. The mood and aesthetics of any picture will significantly be changed by changing its sky. Sky replacement is among the photo editing features that have been incorporated into Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor, which has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface and powerful editing capabilities.

This comprehensive guide explains how to change the sky in your photos using Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor. We are going to cover the app’s features and provide you with a step-by-step guideline on this topic for getting better results.

An Overview of Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor:

Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor is a mobile app available for use on both Android and iOS devices. Initially recognized as software for video editing facial and body retouching, nowadays it provides different tools for photo processing too. These tools ensure that even those who do not have much experience with advanced photo editors can still enhance their images.

Main Features:

  • Body and Face Sculpting: Change your physical characteristics and facial expressions according to what you desire them to be like. This allows users to make subtle or dramatic changes in their appearance in photographs or videos hence suitable for both personal grooming as well as professional use.
  • Skin Softening: Get rid of blemishes, smoothen skin surface, equalize tone, etc. Particularly when it comes to portraits or selfies this tool gives them smoothness making them look more professional.
  • Filters & Effects: You can use several filters and effects on your photos & videos thus enhancing their overall look. From artistic effects to subtle color correction, these features bring out certain moods within photos.
  • Replace Skies: Transform your pictures by replacing any part of their skies with stunning visuals. These pictures can be made more vibrant and engaging by this tool, completely changing their atmosphere.
  • Background Eraser: Photos’ backgrounds can easily be removed or changed. It is good for creating a composite or adding subjects to different places.

Why Replace Sky in Your Photos?

Changing the sky in an image could significantly enhance its visual appeal. Here are some reasons why you might want to replace the sky in your photos:

  • Improve Weather Conditions: Sometimes when we take photos, the weather does not comply with our expectations. A grey and cloudy skyline can make even a beautiful place appear boring. Changing it into a more inviting sunny picture, makes it look more lively at once.
  • Set the Atmosphere: The mood of a photo is highly determined by its sky. For example, a sunset or sunrise can bring warmth and romance while stars in nighttime photographs make it magical and calm. This means that depending on what kind of feeling you want to evoke in a particular photograph, all you need is to select an appropriate sky for this photo.
  • Enhancing Composition: A dramatic sky with interesting cloud formations can improve your composition and give the image a sense of depth. It acts as an attention grabber and makes your picture more dynamic and evened out.
  • Artistic Expression: The changing sky opens up for creativity. To make fascinating images mix different hours of the day or weather conditions. Such freedom of artistry allows photographers to tell stories or send messages through their works.

Getting Started with Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor:

To start, you will need to download Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). After installing it, follow these steps to change the sky in your photo:

1: Launch Pretty-Up And Choose A Photo

  • Open The PrettyUp App: On your device open the prettyup app.
  • Select The Photo Option: From the home screen tap on “Photo” to access your photos.
  • Choose Your Photo: Go through your favorite photos and select one that you want to edit. This will bring up the image on the editing panel where you can start making changes.

2: Find The Sky Replacement Tool

  • Find The Sky Option: In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen look for “Sky”.
  • Open The Sky Replacement Tool: Tap on the sky option to go into this section where you can choose from a variety of presets for skies and adjust them in your photo.

3: Select A Different Sky

  • Look At Sky Options: There are several sky options like clear skies, sunsets, and sunrises among others provided by prettyup. Take time and go through them until you find what suits best for your photo from these present options.
  • Pick A Sky: Just touch any sky that pleases you to elect it. When doing so this new sky replaces the old one in front giving an idea of how it would look like before actually applying it.

4: Adjusting Sky

  • Move The New Sky: You may have to manipulate the new sky so that it looks natural and is in line with the rest of the images. For instance, you can use adjustment tools to change the position of the sky as well as scaling.
  • Change Brightness And Colour: Adjusting brightness, contrast, and color temperature help match it up with the photo’s lighting and color scheme for a cohesive realistic look.

5: Refine The Details

  • Use the Eraser Tool: To achieve a more realistic result use the eraser tool to remove any overlapping edges between the new sky and even objects surrounding them on the landscape or maybe other things within this picture. This will help blend in the new sky flawlessly with front-view objects.
  • Clear Up Overlaps: Carve out shapes where overlappings occur between foreground elements and new sky so that you can create clean transitions that appear natural. Pay keen attention to small details for a better finish.

6: Save Your Edited Photo And Share It

  • Apply Changes: Once you are satisfied with your work press the save button so that the changes made can be stored in your device as an edited picture.
  • Share Your Selfie: The transformed selfie can now be shared directly to social media networks and messaging apps. This will act as a platform for demonstrating your editing prowess and amazing your buddies and fans with beautiful images.

Some Tips to Get the Best Results:

How To Change The Sky From The Background Of A Photo.

Sky replacement is made easy with Pretty-Up, but these tips will optimize your results for a more realistic and visually pleasing outcome.

1.    Match the Lighting and Color Temperature:

For the new sky to look natural, consider its lighting as well as color temperature in your original image. You should choose a sky that has warm tones if your picture was taken at the golden hour so that it matches the lighting conditions. Similarly, for a picture taken on a cloudy day, choose a sky that complements those muted colors. This level of detail helps in achieving an authentic and consistent image.

2.    Consider the Angle and Perspective:

The angle and perspective of your new sky must be in line with those of your original photo. For instance, clouds that can match such a perspective are what you need if your photo was taken from below looking upwards. When regions misalign they give rise to an unnatural feel in edited photographs.

3.    Use Eraser Tool for Precise Edits:

When blending in the new sky with elements on the foreground, ensure you utilize the eraser tool properly it will help you erase portions overlapping while smoothing out edges therefore making them appear seamless. Detailed areas require zooming in to get precision on them. This act favors quality improvement generally in my edited photo.

4.    Try Different Skies:

Do not be afraid to try different skies because one might end up being surprisingly just right for enhancing your photo perfectly resulting in unique images sometimes and often very striking ones too that completely break away from expectations or mainstream conventions. Apart from this, experimenting with different skies can open up many creative options through photography where storytelling is concerned.

5.    Enhance Overall Photo:

Additionally, after replacing the sky check other editing tools provided by Pretty-Up to make some improvements through them which can be helpful towards enhancing the overall look of an image. Brightening up this shot, and adjusting contrast or saturation may bring them closer which will make the manipulated sky match better with the rest of the image. As well as this, add some filters and effects to give the final touch on polish and style.

More Features of Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor:

How To Change The Sky From The Background Of A Photo.

Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor is not just about recovering sky; there is a whole package of editing tools aimed at enhancing photos and videos in various ways. Here are more features that can be employed to come up with amazing pictures:

1.    Body and Face Shaping:

Pretty-Up offers minor or significant changes in body proportions and facial structures. This feature is particularly useful when you need to liven up a selfie or improve portrait quality.

  • Body Shaping: Change any feature on your body such as the waistline, legs, and hips among others so that you may get the desired look for yourself or anybody else. This function will make you presentable or stylish as per choice.
  • Facial Retouching: Reshape the nose, eyes lips, etc., while changing the face’s shape so it seems balanced and attractive by either slimming it down or emphasizing certain parts. It’s possible to obtain perfect-looking portraits from close-ups with these adjustments.

2.    Skin Smoothing and Blemish Removal:

Pretty-Up has two unique functionalities for flawless skin; smoothing out rough patches on your skin surface plus a blemish remover tool that eliminates spots that have amassed over time giving them similar texture. The features are instrumental in achieving polished pictures that look professional.

  • Skin Smoothing: Even out skin tone and texture by reducing imperfections and blemishes. This tool is especially useful for portrait photography, where clear, smooth skin is often desired.
  • Blemish Removal: Improve the overall appearance of your skin by taking away pimples, acne as well as other defects. It helps to make sure that images appear glossy and spotlessly clean.

3.    Filters and Effects:

Pretty-Up has many filters and effects to enhance the visual appeal of your photos or videos once applied to them.

  • Color Filters: Select from a range of color filters that will change how you feel about a photo or its toning. These filters can add warmth, coolness, or artistic effects to your images.
  • Artistic Effects: Give photos a creative look by adding such effects as vintage, black & white as well as sepia. Such effects can be used when you want to achieve a certain style or evoke particular emotions.

4.    Background Removal and Replacement:

In addition to replacing skies with Pretty-Up, there is also an option of removing the entire background explaining why it could be necessary in case of professional portraits or fun pictures.

  • Background Removal: Automatically detect and remove the background from your photo. This tool is perfect for creating isolated subjects or preparing images for composite editing.
  • Background Replacement: Pick any new background from an existing one in Pretty-Up or upload yours. Herein lies the ability to situate subjects within different environments or develop themes with them.

5.    Enhancing Videos:

Pretty-Up’s capabilities include editing videos as well. Similarly, you can make your footage better with several tools and effects.

  • Body and Face Shaping in Video: This is modifying the body proportion and face features in videos. It also helps to maintain a consistent appearance across both pictures and videos.
  • Skin Smoothing for Videos: In your video clips, it ensures perfect skin tone. This tool guarantees that you look good in every frame.
  • Filters & Effects for Videos: You may apply filters or effects to create appealing videos. These enhancements help maintain the same style and mood of your video content.


Sky replacement is a powerful photo editing technique that can drastically change the appearance and impact of an image. This process is made easy with Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor even for those who are not proficient in photo editing yet. The guide provided previously emphasizes following these steps along with trying out other skies and adjustments for producing breathtakingly beautiful photographs.

Pretty-Up’s range extends beyond sky replacement into a complete suite of editing tools for enhancing and personalizing your photos and videos. With its features and flexibility, you will find Pretty-Up perfect for doing anything from bettering self-portraits to making artistic compositions or having fun with your creations.

Download For Android

Download For Iphone

Just go ahead and check out Pretty-Up – Video Body Editor to see for yourself. Make your pictures look different, release your imagination, and send your best works to the public. There are no bounds in the sky! With hard work, training and robust features available on Pretty-Up you can improve your capabilities in photo and video editing to a whole new level.

So, that was the end of our today’s article about How To Change The Sky From The Background Of A Photo.

So, that was our article about How To Change The Sky From The Background Of A Photo. I hope you will like it and also leave your comment in the comment section for any of your question.

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